The DU-HA system is on of the best storage box system that permits you to store your firearms, ammo, chasing apparatus, angling poles and reels, tackle, GPS, binoculars, force instruments, downpour rigging, tow ropes, secure straps, emergency treatment pack, bungee straps, jack, caps, boots, gloves, coats, chains, jumper links, save batteries and all the more securely and safely behind the seat of your pickup truck.

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This is a brilliant item! It is an awesome approach to make a trunk in your truck in the event that you don’t have a tool kit or need to keep a few things out of the components or more secure in the taxicab. I used to have a bundle of things just stuffed under the seat trusting they would not move around or be seen; the Duha keeps them set up and makes a processing plant appearance divider underneath the seat to continue prying eyes out.

Establishment is easy…it took more time to wipe out all the stuff under my seat where the unit goes than to really introduce the unit. I have a 2001 Ford F-150 Super Cab. My just grumbling about the unit itself is the gap cut for the industrial facility jack is not extremely exact or the unit distorted fairly away/sending/assembling here. I simply needed to whittle out that range a little and it now fits extraordinary and secures cozily to the floor by means of the jack’s weight and the industrial facility grapple screw and wingnut for it. Additionally, the discretionary link locks were too short for my truck. I would prescribe going on them and go to your neighborhood ranch or equipment supply to purchase some slice to your length and covered or link. I just purchased a few lengths of little chain and that permitted me to utilize better bolts and decide how tight/free I needed the chain by taking up/letting out slack.

Putting the locks on does not meddle with the back entryways shutting my super taxi shutting. Establishment comprises essentially of lifting up the seat, wedging the unit in and afterward supplanting the jack and screwing down the industrial facility wingnut for the jack cover. Includes a 2-pc. weapon rack/coordinator that securely stores firearms in their upright position.

Application: Interior stockpiling framework, Includes (qty.): (1) DU-HA capacity framework

Material Type: Heavy-obligation polyethylene development, Color: Light dark

Compatible With: 2004-2008 Ford F-150 SuperCrew without subwoofer

Incorporates a 2-pc. weapon rack/coordinator that securely stores firearms in their upright position.

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General Motors GM Crew Cab Under Seat Storage Review 2018

I extensively researched the 3 different underseat storage options for my 2015 GMC 2500 and of the 3 brands available, this was not only the cheapest but has the best anchoring solution of the three. Perfect fit.

My new truck did not have this option when I purchased it in January. Pro tip: I would recommend laying a blanket on the floor of the storage unit to keep items from rattling as you drive our “wonderful” roads.


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I had one in my previous truck and thought I had to have one for the new one.  It does look pretty good when the seat is down, kinda looks like it came from the factory. I did not install the two nets that divide it into three spaces.

Absolutely easy to install! I opened the box and installed it in 30 minutes, it looks as if it is from the factory, and it holds a lot of stuff.

Just another tip: install the netting dividers before you mount it it is much easier to do so!

Fits perfect under seat  and holds groceries most of the time, on top of everything else I have in it. Great buy and great out of the way storage! Check other great storage solutions and compare products!

Best Under Seat Storage Reviews 2018

You and your truck have a certain lifestyle, whether it’s hunting, fishing or towing, you have a lot of gear and tools thrown in the back of your cab. Organize your gear and keep your floor clear with a storage case.

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Storage cases function as an organizer for your seat. It may even include a gun rack and is usually constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene material, so it is virtually indestructible. And, the unit is as simple to install as putting on a seatbelt. Simply slide the straps through the loops of the seat belt brackets. An underseat storage box keeps valuables hidden and your floor and seat clean from clutter. You won’t see anything, not even your under seat storage as it installs conveniently under or behind your rear or front seats. And, to add to the discreteness, the storage case may match your interior color. Plus, it may have a 30-day money back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

Check with your local authorities for laws regarding gun cases in your state. Some models don’t legally function as gun cases, unless guns are first secured in gun sleeves


  • Keep that floor and back seat organized with an under seat storage case
  • Safely store valuables out of sight under or behind your seat
  • Case may function as a legal gun case in most states
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene makes your underseat storage box  virtually indestructible
  • Installation is simple with straps to loop through seatbelt brackets
  • Choose from colors to match your interior
  • Your under seat storage case may have a 30-day money back guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

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Husky Liners Under Seat Storage Box Review 2018

Great job Husky!! I was a little skeptical about buying this for my GMC Sierra 1500 double cab, because I wasn’t sure it would fit or provide me with enough space.  It is one of the most useful truck accessories I have purchased.

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This organizer fits like a glove. Just unscrew the large wingnut holding the jack parts down, place the organizer in with the threaded bolt coming through the provided hole and remount jack. This also helps secure the organizer in place – not that it was moving anyway. For me, this organizer holds a large first aid bad, 18′ jumper cables, sizable tool bag and many other small articles. It provides a finished “stock” look to my truck.

Additionally I purchased the Husky one-piece rear floor liner for my double cab Chevy Silverado 1500. I was worried that the organizer wouldn’t mount right with this mat going all the way under back seat. I can tell you that they work perfectly together as I just installed the rear floor liner. Just put the rear floor liner in first and the organizer on top. There was no drilling, holes, or even any tools required to place this into the vehicle. I was also concerned that it might shift around a bit, but it stays tightly in place without budging at all.

The storage unit has ample room, fits perfectly, doesn’t shift around, and best of all, looks like the truck was built with underseat storage already in it.

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